The Lela Burbridge Initiative

About us

The Lela initiative is a Community Interest Organisation that was set up to promote literacy in Uganda. Our founder Lela Burbridge believes that books can change lives.

In 2019 Lela shared her story in a book she co-wrote called Lela: Ashes of Childhood’She wanted to raise awareness of issues and struggles many people in poverty especially in Uganda face. But more importantly she wanted to help others. A percentage of profits from each of her books goes directly to charitable work supporting education in Africa.

Lela’s vision is to see every child have access to books regardless of their circumstances. Growing up in poverty, Lela had a desire to read from a very young age but she did not have the opportunity then. Now a successful author living in the UK, she is changing this narrative.

“I believe that big change can come out of the smallest of things and an informed mind is one to bring about change”.
Lela Burbridge

With that in mind, the Lela Initiative seeks to provide access to books to children from poor families particularly those in the slums of Kampala through a mobile library.

We also help equip schools in poor communities by lending them books on the national schools curriculum. This way children are given the opportunity to learning without the stress because their families can’t afford to buy the required books.

And, the Initiative supports the written word  by helping young aspiring Ugandan writers through writing competitions. Our book club in Makerere makes reading accessible to all our members where we provide books, mentoring and writing discussions.

Below are some pictures celebrating the winners of our 2020 creative writing competition and our Library.

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